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New Info!  07/25/2001 @ 2PM EDT


This is the page that would normally hold the "Help ME" form, where you could ask PuterGeek (me) for help with your 'puter.  This area of the website is temporarily off-line due to personal / medical issues.  I am NOT currently answering ANY requests for help.  I'm sorry but I just don't feel up to it right now.  By September or so I should be back to normal and will resume taking "help me" requests.  Knee surgery number 4 is on 07/26/2001...Sorry, but I just can't focus on helpme stuff right now.

For those of you that have my phone number, please no 'puter questions at this time.

Please go to the Site Map to see if I've written a page that might answer your question.

The PuterGeek.Com Message Board is now available!  Here is another place you can post your request for help.  This will give others the chance to answer your question as well as to possibly get a different answer (maybe better, maybe worse) than you'll get from me.  Since I may be on the road when you send me your request for help it could take some time for me to answer you.  If you're like me, you want your question answered now!  Well, try the message board.  Since about 5000 people come to PuterGeek.Com every month you never know, you might get it answered right away.

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Last Revised: 07/25/2001