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08/23/2002  Well, it appears that instead of getting a 'puter related job, LOL...I'm still in trucking, but now I work on the agency end of things.  I work at the DOV / RKY Landstar-Ranger agencies at exit 101 on I-77 in Ohio (stop in and say hi sometime).  My main focus is on Retention and New Hires, since I am an ex-driver, I can talk about the reality of working at Ranger from a driver's perspective.  If any of you are Owner-Operators and are looking for a new home, feel free to give me a call (Peter Crockett aka PuterGeek) at 1.888.833.4040 to hear about working for the largest Owner-Operator Company in the Nation!  We are 100% NON-forced-dispatch!!  Please visit our agency's website at and take a look around :)


07/18/2002  Well, it's been a long time since I have last updated PuterGeek.Com in any way.  I do apologize for that.  Many things have been happening in my life since the last update.  First, I am now off the road and no longer driving truck.  I am currently working on the other side of the fence at the DOV /RKY Landstar agency dealing with drivers and driver retention.  I am now also a single person.

Perhaps in time as I get used to being a *townie* again (love them daily showers now!), I will feel the urge to continue adding new content to PuterGeek.Com.  I have removed many sections of the website as they either no longer apply, or do not deal with the main focus of the site.  So if you find broken links or references to pages that are no longer on the site, please understand that content does change, and will continue to change over time.

For those of you that have been wondering, the site WILL stay up and alive!  At this time I do not have any plans to kill PuterGeek.Com!  I can still use a bit of help with the costs of running the site, but it appears way to popular a site to consider closing it.

For those of you that are visiting for the first time, you may wish to visit the Old News page to see what has been going on with the site in the past.

Old News!

PuterGeek.Com Poll

What do you think about PuterGeek.Com shutting down? (the last poll)

I will miss it.
Life as we know it is now over :-(
Good, more space for useful websites.
PuterGeek is my hero!
What will I do without the PeterCam?
You can't quit!
Who cares? This was a boring website anyhow...
Great! No more stupid polls.
I'm surprised you held out this long.
I will sadly miss this website, and I wish the PuterGeek the best of luck...

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1. Downloads - Want a Win95, Win98, or DOS boot disk?  Come on in!
2. Making a Win98 bootdisk - A Step By Step Guide
3. Scandisk & Defrag - What Are They, and Should I Care?
4. Windows 95 - Tweaks, Tips, and Step By Step Guides
5. How to re-install Win98 - A Step By Step Guide

A quick note about the layout of PuterGeek.Com.  The website is laid out in a hierarchical format.  Think of a tree with branches and sub-branches.

For instance, "White Papers" is at the top of a tree.  Under "White Papers" we have "Dos", "Linux", "Win95", "Win98", and "WinME".  Then under say," Win95" we have "How to Reinstall Win95", "Making a Win95 Bootdisk", and so on.  Get the picture?

Allow me to explain what you'll find in some of the main sections of PuterGeek.Com;

A few points to remember when moving around the website;

  1. There are links at the top and bottom of every page that will take you one of four places, "Home" (this page), "Site Map", "Site Search", and "Back to Last Page".

  2. The "Site Map" is the key to the whole website!  By using the "Site Map" you are only one click from anywhere on the entire site!  Hence, from any page on the website, you are only two clicks from any other page.

  3. The "Site Search" page works really well.  Besides being able to search the whole website, you can also search only the newsletter archives.  I use PicoSearch for PuterGeek.Com, it works very well, it's easy to setup, and it's free!  I've also put some query boxes for a few other search engines so that you can do searches of the internet as well.  For convenience, I've added a PicoSearch search box at the bottom of almost every page.

  4. And finally, while I try very hard to avoid it, broken links will sometimes happen.  PuterGeek.Com has 200+ pages as of the time of this writing, so please, if you happen to find a broken link, take a moment and email me.  You will find an email link to me at the bottom of every page on the website.

Please be responsible!

This site is a member of the

Guard our children!

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Last Revised: 07/18/2002
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