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Thanks to all the people listed below, PuterGeek.Com will continue to offer free help to 'puter users!

Please note:  At this time, this page is no longer being updated.

Since PuterGeek.Com is run by just one person ... me ... Peter Crockett, I've found that running a popular website can become more costly than most hobbies.  Since I refuse to plaster the website with zillions of ads, I decided to ask for donations from Sponsors.  Down below you can see the list of Sponsors to date.  Some Sponsors have websites, so please take a few minutes to visit their sites.

If you haven't read the Fan page yet please do.  It explains why I do what I'm doing, what it costs to run PuterGeek.Com, and how you can help if you'd like to.  The website, newsletter, email help, and phone help are free.  Becoming a sponsor helps these services to remain free.

If you'd like to become a Sponsor of PuterGeek.Com, please go here to find out how and what you can do to help.

The Sponsors

Sponsor Name City / State / Country Date (month/year)
became Sponsor

*** Dave T.

Canton, OH. USA


 ** Thomas H.

Kailua-Kona, HI. USA


* Mel B.

Homer,AK. USA


Ted T.

Canton, OH. USA


Walt H.

Navarre, OH. USA


Steve H.

Tacoma, WA. USA


Eliza I.

Redondo Beach, CA. USA


Albert S.

Gautier, MS. USA


Hale E.

Freeport, FL. USA


Robert M. jr.

Everett, WA. USA


Pauline P.

Painted Post, N.Y. USA


William M.

Hingham, MA. USA


Mike Schmidt
(Tips & Tricks!!)

Cudahy, WI. USA


Gunnar G.

Ventura, CA. USA


Larry F.

Huntsville, AL. USA


John W.

Tecumseh, MI. USA


Michael O.

Depew, NY. USA


Hans S.

New York, NY. USA


Becky P.



Wayne J.

Owasso, OK, USA


Jon A.

Jersey City, NJ. USA


Matthew K.

Valley Stream, NY. USA


Each Blue star ( * ) next to a name means an additional year of sponsorship.

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Last Revised: 03/21/2001
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