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Who's Howie???

I am a mainframe systems analyst currently living in the mountains of Western Maryland. Having spent 21+ years in data processing, I have developed a keen eye, a sharp wit, incredible trouble shooting ability, and a major anxiety condition! About 5-6 years ago, I started to pick up some web designing books and after a very long weekend with a stomach flu and an HTML reference book, I typed up (one hand on keyboard, one hand on stomach), the beginnings of what is now known as " Web Manor".

The rest is, as they say, history. I continue to hold my stomach, type with the other hand, and trouble shoot various PC-related issues.

Mr. PuterGeek was so kind to offer me a spot on this fabulous internet resource to impart my brand of 'puter help to y'all out there interested in what I have gathered in my years of designing, teaching, and struggling with these dang fool things!

Comments, suggestions for future editorials, money orders can be sent to me here.

Would you like to try my newsletter The Funnies?  Simply email me and tell me to add you to the list.

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Last Revised: 02/27/2001