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On my old site I made a couple of pages that dealt with making a boot disk and how to re-install Win95.  To my surprise these were the most popular pages in the entire site.  It is primarily due to this fact that PuterGeek.Com came into being.  Whereas the old site was a home page with some helpful pages, I plan for PuterGeek.Com to be substantially more helpful to both the computer novice as well as computer geek.

As with the rest of the site, this area is a work in progress.  There may be a flurry of updates one day, then nothing for a couple of weeks.  Please be aware that I'm a long haul truck driver and cannot maintain this site full time.  For those of you seeking help with your 'puters please understand that I receive a large volume of email.  I do answer all my email!  In order to better help you please send requests for help clicking here.

Unlike some people my ego is not so large that I must always give an answer even if it's wrong.  I promise to tell you if I'm guessing or if I plain don't know (what a novel idea!).  I do not charge for my help.  While people have from time to time sent gifts it is neither expected nor required!  I do this for two selfish reasons...

  1. What goes around comes around.

  2. By helping others I sometimes learn new stuff, and what I already know is kept in practice.

I do have hopes that some day I'll be able to take this knowledge and make a living with it.  Possibly as a software tech support person for some company.

Now for the stuff that keeps me out of trouble.  Please keep in mind that I can't see what you're doing with your 'puter.  Nor can I tell if you're following my directions correctly.  Also that without actually being there I may miss something that would be obvious had I been sitting in front of your 'puter.  For these reasons you must take FULL responsibility for what you do to your 'puter even though you followed my instructions.

I will endeavor to make each page as complete as possible, and while most of the pages will be written with the 'puter novice in mind, some will be rather complicated.  If any of you find these pages too simple or too complex feel free to email me for further assistance. I do also give out my phone number.  In truth I find email a poor substitute for a live conversation.  Of course, the fact that I type with three fingers has nothing (grin) to do with it! I live in Ohio and when home take calls from 11am to midnight.  Since I'm a truck driver and I'm gone quite a bit you may wish to look at the PeterCam to see how old the last shot is. When I'm home it's on. I'm sorry to need to say this but I do not accept collect calls. I figure my time is worth at least the long distance you'll have to pay to call me.

I am also using AOL Instant Messenger, my user name is

A few last thoughts...
the purpose of this site is not to teach 'puter newbies how to use a mouse, edit a file, do a three finger salute, or where the any key is. If this describes you I applaud your willingness to learn.  However you must learn to crawl before you can walk. I recommend doing what I did when I got my first computer...READ! I am completely self taught.  What I know, I know well! What I don't know sometimes slaps me in the face. Whenever I start something new the first thing I do is get a For Dummies book!  Like Computers for Dummies, Dos for Dummies, Win95 for Dummies, and of course Frontpage98 for Dummies.  Despite the name these are very comfortable books for the newbie. You don't need a dictionary to read these.  If anyone wants more suggested reading feel free to email me.



(R)ead (T)he (F)reaking (M)anual!

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Last Revised: 10/20/2000