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This is where you'll find all the white papers about Windows ME (WinME).

WinME's official release date was September 14, 2000.  As of this writing Microsoft is saying that this will be the last version of Win9x.  They say that a consumer version of Win2K is in the near future (1-2yrs) and that both the business version and the consumer version will then be based on the NT kernel (which is a good thing).

While there isn't a lot of new "whiz-bang" features in WinME, it is supposed to be much more stable as well as offer some good protection against "DLL hell"!  Windows 9x has gone through a lot of changes since 1995.  While most of the changes are good, some are considered to be very bad!

Starting with Windows ME, Microsoft has decided to make DOS unavailable to the user!  Yes, you can still get a "DOS window", but forget about "MS-DOS mode", or being able to make a bootdisk!  They removed the "/S" switch from the FORMAT command.  You must now make a "startup disk", then remove enough files to make room for what you need to add.  Unlike Win98 and Win98SE, you can't use the CD to make a new bootdisk.

Microsoft states that all these changes will make Windows more stable.  I don't know about that...But I do like WinME!  It doesn't do much to excite you, like Microsoft says "It just works.".

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Last Revised: 01/04/2001