Ghost in the Phone?

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From a PuterGeek.Com News subscriber comes this story, the moral of which is to get a cable/DSL modem :-)

Gee, Peter, where would you like for me to start? <g> How about the lastest and weirdest (well... for this week, anyway)?  I guess it's not really a horror story compared to some I've had, but it's one of the strangest.

I should say at this point that I'm a houseguest of my best friend for a couple of months, while visiting the USA.

I've got a little Toshiba Satellite, running Win98SE.  I've just connected to a local ISP and have spent a LOT more time TRYING to connect and stay connected than I have spent online.

Around 11.30 p.m., I was well into an hour's worth of attempts to connect, and my friends had already gone to bed.  There was a knock at the door, and the phone rang about the same time.  I answered on the portable phone and headed for the door, thinking it was just my friend's daughter, letting her know she was at the barn, putting horses up after a rodeo.

Nope.... It was her daughter-in-law on the phone, wanting to know if everything was all right, and a friend of hers at the door, to see if we were all okay.  The daughter-in-law said she had just received a phone call -- no one on the line -- and her caller ID registered the number here.

Now, folks, no one had touched a phone in this house for hours, and the only "thing" doing any dialing from here was little Toshi.  I checked the settings, and they were fine.  The phone number for the connection was still the ISP's number.

Would anyone out there care to offer an explanation of what happened?

From Oz

Gee, maybe phones are different in Oz? (hehe) - Peter

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Last Revised: 10/20/2000