Invalid Page Fault Anyone?

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From Howard (Howie) Merrill, AKA The Master of the Web Manor, who happens to be the author of my favorite "fun" newsletter "The Funnies", comes this Horror story about Invalid Page Faults.  If you like his writing style, give his excellent newsletter a try!

As you are aware by looking at my site, I do a lot of surfing.

I tend to stick to Netscape (4.75 currently) cause I hate IE.

I got a new IPF tonight.

NETSCAPE caused an invalid page fault in
module EGNSENGINE.DLL at 014f:130046bb.
EAX=00000000 CS=014f EIP=130046bb EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000000 SS=0157 ESP=00b5f8fc EBP=00b5fa44
ECX=030d07d0 DS=0157 ESI=829ac4ec FS=116f
EDX=00b5fa54 ES=0157 EDI=00b5faa4 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
ff 50 10 eb 6d 83 f9 06 75 59 39 5e 2c 75 63 66 
Stack dump:
fffe0cc7 00b5fad4 00030000 00b5fa9c 00000001 4b488e84 4b488ea4 00000a30
00000000 fff93fdf fff933e3 00000a30 000004b0 0000071c 000005a0 00000000 

Having never seen THIS one before, I decided to search around to see if I could locate a fix for it.

I went into IE 5.5 (Cause Netscape would not stay up) and in one of my dumber moments, clicked on the search icon (Just to see what it would do). It allows me to search MSN (OH GOODIE!)

I got two hits on EGNSENGINE.DLL both in techie forums.

None of any use to me. But since I was there, I decided to do some reading.

I just LOVE techie forums!!! The biggest morons claim to know something and offer the unknowing the WORST ideas I have EVER read!


"I found a directory called c:\netscape\cache and in it was literally HUNDREDS of files that I had no clue what they were!! Then in there I found a really mysterious file called FAT.DB and it was... get this.... 7.86MB!!!! After deleting everything in this directory, my problem was solved! I hope this helps."

Oh gee, he found his netscape cache and its database of what is in cache and manually cleared it. WHATTA GENIUS!!!

I love the forum articles that read:

"I have a POS3453 pentium 333mhz with a 4.3gb hard drive, a mentor super video card, 8x CD-ROM, two speakers and a subwoofer. I keep getting an "INVALID PAGE FAULT IN KERNEL32.DLL". Anybody know why?"

Then someone recommends:

"I renamed all my winsock files and deleted my win/sys directory since I do not use IE4. It seems to have fixed this. You might want to try that."

Followed by:

"Thanks! That worked!!!"


So after some light reading, I went and rebooted, cleared my cache directory, renamed all my winsock files, deleted my windows directory, reseated every board in my PC, switched off the garage lights and watered the ferns. I was AMAZED that Netscape stayed up for 10 minutes without an IPF!

Sigh again.


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Last Revised: 01/23/2001