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Hello everyone!
I know you've all been waiting for this moment (grin)....

The new look for PuterGeek.Com is now online for your viewing pleasure.  Not
only have I changed the look of the site, I've also (hopefully) made it a
bit easier to navigate around the website.

Please take your time checking out the site, there have been many small
changes as well as a few major changes.

I'll be sending out a regular newsletter in a few days...after I

Please check out the following pages and see what you think..

>From Amy's Corner comes an update about SCSI burners

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Want to refer a friend to PuterGeek.Com News?

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Take a look at our Never Ending Story...it's quite funny

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About the whole banner issue... I've got a trial deal with Quality
Computers, makers of Ultima Computers.  I'm still looking for one or two
other sponsors, so if you know of anyone who might qualify please email me.

They're a local 'puter store here in Massillon Ohio.  I've know Rick (the
owner) and Steve (the head tech) for at least 6yrs ( I forget how long).
When I get stuck with a hardware problem, they're the guys I go to!  The
have built 3 'puters for me and sold me more parts then I care for Amy to
know about!  :-)

Whether you're looking for a hard to find part, or a quote on a whole
system, give them a call and tell them PuterGeek sent ya!  Unlike some
websites...I put MY reputation behind these guys!  Quality Computers, where
the name says it all!

There's a new section on the PuterGeek.Com Message board called "Ask Quality
Computers", with Steve as the moderator.

While you're browsing the website, please be on the lookout for problems,
broken links etc... I'd be very thankful if you'd help me stomp any bugs.

There's a new poll up as well...gee, can you guess what it's about? :-)

Peter Crockett - webmaster
website: http://www.putergeek.com/
mailto: webmaster@putergeek.com
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