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Well, if you've made it this far into my site you must be pretty bored!   Seriously though, we all have gripes, pet peeves, and stuff we read or hear about that drives us nuts.  This happens to be the place where I get to say what I think, believe, and feel deeply about.

Please remember, the pages that follow are based on my beliefs and/or opinions.  They are not necessarily based on facts, nor will they be politically correct.  We all have the right to our opinions no matter how stupid they may be.   I invite you to respond to any of the following pages if you feel strongly about them.  I do not answer hate email, but I will respond to anyone who wishes to express a differing opinion.

There is no schedule as to when I'll add pages to this area. But I do promise, anytime a situation arises that ticks me off or bothers me I will write about it!

In closing, by creating the following pages I hope to lessen my own blood pressure and possibly to (maybe) get some people thinking.  Who knows, perhaps one of you may change my opinion about something!

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Last Revised: 01/05/2001
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