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Issue # 67  The last issue!
ISSN: 1533-1938

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PuterGeek.Com News: ISSN: 1533-1938
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                   The PuterGeek.Com News (PGCN)
                                date 07/04/2001
                                Issue # 67  The last Issue!

 A casual newsletter that goes out 1-5 times per month.
 It contains excerpts and articles from all the newsletters I
 read condensed down to a manageable size. Plus info about
 PuterGeek.Com, as well as various tips and tricks I've learned.



Hello Everyone!

Well folks, it is with much sadness that I tell you that I am shutting down the PuterGeek.Com News (PGCN).  This is the last issue of the newsletter.
I once read that a man cannot serve two masters, and I have found that the website has suffered greatly because of the newsletter.  As a full time truck driver, I simply do not have the time to maintain the website (the way I want to), answer helpme email, and create the newsletter.
So something had to give.  The website has always been my first love so I decided to end the newsletter.  I am not selling, trading, or giving away anyone's email address, so don't worry on that account.
In the 2+ years of the newsletter the subscriber base crested at 1600+ people.  Thanks to you folks PGCN has been in the top five at Infojump.com all year.
I realize that a large number of you have been with me for a long time.  For those of you who wish to, you may email me at please_remember_me@putergeek.com?subject=remember_my_email and just put your email address in the body.  I will make a list of these emails (I will not give them to anyone) and I will notify the list if and when I have something of interest to you.  I will not answer email to this address, simply have a script grab all the email addresses.
I make no promises here, since I don't know what the future holds, but you're welcome to give me your email just in case...
As a reader of Peter's--- PuterGeek's--- work, I was saddened to hear that he'd be suspending publication of his newsletter.  But I understood--- as publisher of the LangaList newsletter, I know how time-consuming all this e-publishing stuff is.  8-)
Fortunately for us all, PuterGeek's site will live on, and we can continue to benefit from Peter's generosity with his time and knowledge there.
But to fill the e-newsletter gap, PuterGeek invited me to extend FREE subscriptions to my newsletter to all interested subscribers of the PuterGeek.Com News.  The LangaList is 100% free and spam-proof, and currently reaches about 165,000 readers worldwide.
The newsletter comes out twice a week, and contains the best information that I and my readers can find and share on making the most of your hardware, software and time online.  Tips; tricks; sites that are cool, informative, useful, or fun; pointers to free, full-length online articles and features that will help you keep your computer safe, secure, and working great--- we try to pack *tons* on information into each and every issue, but in a way you can also skim to "cherry pick" just those items of interest, if you prefer.
Who the heck am I--- this "Langa" guy?  <g> Well, you may know me from my previous work: I was VP/Editorial Director of WINDOWS Magazine and CMP's PC Group, and also oversaw Home PC Magazine and NetGuide Magazine.  Prior to that, I was Editor In Chief of Byte Magazine.  The LangaList draws on all the above experience and is a full-blown, professional-quality e-publication A subscription is free and spam-proof, and you can unsubscribe at any time:
just click HERE:
subscribe-langalist@lyris.dundee.net and you'll be signed up instantly.
(Prefer a web-based signup?  It's here: http://www.langa.com/newsletter.htm )
Hope to see you on board soon!
(NOTE:  I feel that everyone of you should give the Langalist a try!  When I got my first 'puter, Windows Magazine was one of the few I subscribed to.  That is how I first learned of Fred Langa.  Over the last 6+ years I have learned more from Mr. Langa's writings than from any other single source!
He has an easy to read style that feels like he's talking to you and me.  You can either read his newsletter word for word, or just scan it.  In fact, most of the formatting ideas for the PGCN I swiped from him :-)  -- Peter)

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PCIN is a weekly newsletter that highlights some of the most interesting news stories of the week (in my opinion anyway).  There are also sections on Mobile Computing, Tips, and subscribers have an opportunity to send in their PC help questions, or to answer the questions of others.  The accompanying web site also provides many helpful pages.
I try to make the newsletter as friendly, and honest as possible, without sounding dumb.  If something exciting has happened to me, I share it.  If anything exciting happens to any of the subscribers and they let me know, I share it.  The newsletter should be helpful, interesting, and fun.
If you'd like to check out the site, visit http://www.pcin.net/ and use the menu at the top to look around.  If you'd like to subscribe, visit http://www.pcin.net/subscribe.shtml.  Give the newsletter a try.  I think you'll like it :-)

(NOTE:  PCIN is another newsletter that I enjoy.  It's not too heavy on the geek stuff, and has some interesting 'puter-related news that I never read elsewhere. -- Peter)

The Funnies  http://users.erols.com/hmmd
This is a newsletter of jokes.  Howie also has a section on PuterGeek.Com called Howie's Corner http://www.putergeek.com/howies_corner/  This is the ONLY humor newsletter I subscribe to.  You have seen bits of it in the back issues here...take a look, he'll make you laugh!
SUPPORT ALERT  http://www.techsupportalert.com/
Lot's of great tech support info and tips!
WOODY'S OFFICE WATCH  http://www.wopr.com/
The best place to go for all things relating to Office!
LOCKERGNOME  http://www.lockergnome.com/
a great place to hear about some of the latest shareware and freeware.
Missing Your Winmag.com Newsletter Authors? Don't!
NEW! Jim Powell's The Office Letter: http://www.officeletter.com/
Serdar Yegulalp's Newsletter: http://www.win2kpowerusers.com/
Fred Langa's LangaList: http://www.langa.com/
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John Woram's Newsletter: http://www.woram.com/letter/index.htm
Scot Finnie's Newsletter: http://www.scotfinnie.com/newsletter/
Well folks, that's it!  It's been a long road from then til now.  I hope you will continue to visit PuterGeek.Com from time to time, you never know what goodies you'll find there!

Peter Crockett - webmaster
mailto: webmaster@putergeek.com
Need some 'puter help?
website: http://www.putergeek.com/
Please send me email in "plain text" only.

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